Fluent Steps

Museum of Glass | Tacoma, Washington | 2009

My intent with Fluent Steps is to awaken the viewer’s eye
to keenly observe, interact with, and respond to the emotive
nature of water. Water can be placid, sublime, and—in an
instant—uncompromisingly raw and powerful. It’s the vehicle
for capturing light, motion, fluidity, and transparency. It’s the
vehicle for life.
— Martin Blank 2008

Steam Portrait 

Four Seasons Hotel | New York, New York | Opening July 2016

Concept Image, Steam Portrait | 2015


"Water is an essential element that unites us. Art is a cultural bridge that inspires and connects us"

"Glass is the quintessential material to describe water. It shares it's own aqueous nature in its molten state"

Capture the emotive qualities of water within the formal garden and meeting place

Dynamically engage the audience both physically and mentally

Center the focus around water as a life source

Reflect nature and changing seasons

Captivate the senses

Create refuge

Curate transcending moments

Making of the Steam Portrait Fountain platters | 2015

Alder Weave | 2007

Demeter | 2013

I am an intuitive artist. I work on the way forms relate to each other to cut a line in space that flows, turns and carries the eye around the piece. The forms reveal a negative space that is as vital and potent as the actual objects. My sculptural work is as much about the void as the mass.
— Martin Blank

Molten Nature | 2010


   Thirsting | 2009

Repose in Amber | 2008

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